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Who Is Diaa Mahmoud?

Diaa Mahmoud Short Biography

I have been involved in media, journalism and web content, especially in writing for a long time. And I have been writing stories, articles and translating documents in different fields and several categories. My skills and passion for work granted me small freelance jobs since my second year at the university with different media sections and people around the world. Also, I worked to improve myself in different fields such as designing, marketing and Web Portals and development.
Now, I have extensive background in translation, writing, media, story writing as well as films, marketing. Being fluent in English and Arabic, I have also worked on several project during my work career, besides, managing media and writing content for companies.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Media, TV and Radio and have experience in written media field.

I am working for the freelance service, Inventive Content as a manager and publisher. Previously I worked for Inspiring IT Solution as creative writer, responsible for managing company media content and providing it to companies in Germany and UK. I was associated with Sportivo360 as a media manager and writer and was involved in its day to day running of the website, managed media content, and ensured that the website was user friendly.

Previously I was associated with Unlimited Friends Association where I managed programs, handled PR, maintained excellent media relations, and increased awareness regarding the organization.

This is short biography about me, Diaeddin or Diaa Mahmoud and you can ask for more if you like to know more details.

Diaa Mahmoud

  • full Name

  • Diaeddin M A Mahmoud
  • BORN

  • 15 Jun 1991 - Madaba, Jordan

  • diaamahmoud91@gmail.com

  • 970-59929439

My Best Skills

Creative Writer & Translator

Creative Writing
Web Content

My Work Experience

Writer, Translator & Manager

Tech World- Editor

Mar 2018 TO Present

Writing and editing technology news for the most successful Arabic Website in tech field, I also write reviews and articles about specified gadgets.

Empire Magazine Arabia - Writer

Nov 2017 TO Present

Writing feature articles about films and cinema, besides, covering breaking news urgently with style that audiences always like.

Inventive Content - Manager

Aug 2016 TO 2018

Managed the staff working at the online new portal, decided what content to be published on the websites and handled research. Responsible for writing, editing and publishing news in English and Arabic; kept updated of several of current happenings and made decision on which news item to publish.

Sportivo360 - Chief Editor

Aug 2016 TO 2018

Managing writers and authors who are responsible to writer for Top Europe Football Leagues, assign jobs to them. Besides Creating different type of content for the website and customizing articles to strength its goal. Also responsible for writing and editing Match-Preview articles for big matches and creating reports about the games when finished.

Inspiring IT Solutions - Creative Writer

Aug 2016 TO Dec 2016

Responsible for writing, editing website content in English; make decision on which item to publish and re-customize content. Moreover, I was Creating marketing content for the website and brochures; helping the company in media advertising. Also I wrote description and user manuals for software systems and applications developed by the company. And Design and write marketing content for software systems and apps that developed by company.

Dashboard - Web Editor

May 2014 TO Sep 2015

Responsible for writing and publishing new and relevant content on the website, edit all content to rectify any factual errors and typing mistakes. Also I Coordinated with other professionals such as photographers and graphic designers to upload images and pictures to the website.

Unlimited Friends Association - Programs Coordinator

Oct 2013 TO Apr 2014

Responsible for managing all media content and its publication online, proof-reading content and correcting errors. Moreover, Understood audience interests and tailored articles and content accordingly, provided feedback to news writers and maintained quality of content. Also, Formulated PR programs to enhance awareness of the organization and developed good relations with media agencies, journalists and publications, and coordinated the development of PR material. Act as translator (Arabic to English and English to Arabic), help in communication with external agencies by serving as an interpreter.

Freelance Assignment - Writer/Editor

Oct 2010 TO Present

Writing Short stories, films screenplays and scripts and reviewing them. Besides, managing all news content and its publication online, proof-reading content, copywriting and correcting errors. Carrying out research and wrote screenplays, short stories and numerous articles; published articles on websites as well as in print publications. Also translate writing (Arabic to English and English to Arabic).

Freelance Assignment - Photographer/ Media

Oct 2010 TO Present

Taking up independent photography assignments (organizational, personal). Also applying creative techniques and ensued excellent quality of materials. I Carried out research and wrote screenplays, short stories and numerous articles; published articles on websites as well as in print publications.

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